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Kim Maguire

Jazz & more


Kim singing at the Seattle/Kobe Female Jazz Vocal Event,

Jazz Alley, 2017





Music has been the bedrock of my days since I was a child. It let me know who I was. There is no way I could have gotten through my life in one piece without it. Music also unites. When a room can come together with no heed to race, creed, or political affiliation; when we can all just feel ourselves at our deepest and most human level, that is the best stuff of life, right there.  

I sing any and everything I can get my voice around. I had a wonderful career in musical theatre and opera, and in 2012 branched out into jazz. Covid hit and I found myself sitting at the keys singing folk/rock. I really love it all. My vocal technique background affords me a large vocal range from dynamic to intimate. Each song becomes its own personalized story, having a unique identity, narrating the many  pieces of life.

Jazz is my main love and offers me a chance to pull out all the stops, diving into the jewels of the American Songbook and classic jazz repertoire. Duke Ellington, Cole Porter - anything that expresses through great lyrics and engaging melodies. I love singing with the wonderful jazz artists of Seattle. It's an amazing experience, every time. "Joyful jazz" has become a personality trait of my performances. Recently, here in 2022, I have received many thanks from listeners for giving them a holiday from the hardships of life. That's a true compliment. I'm always honored to sing. It's where I live.


The Scoop

Kim has been a professional performer, educator, director, and producer for the past 30 years. A 2017 Seattle/Kobe Female Jazz Vocalist finalist, Kim is a mainstay in the vocal Seattle jazz scene. Kim Maguire is known for her  solid swing and elegantly nuanced ballads. Her vocal background allows her to move effortlessly from jazz to folk/rock and can often be found at the keys, accompanying herself.  Kim has been seen on many regional and local stages including Houston Grand Opera, Fifth Ave. Theatre, Benaroya Hall, Village Theatre and Town Hall. A regular at Hotel Sorrento, Kim has also sung at Tula's, Egan's Jam House in Ballard, North City Bistro, Boxley’s, The Musicquarium at Triple Door, Vito's, and Frederick Holmes "Hot Jazz in the Gallery" series.

As founder of MaguireVoice, Kim has designed, directed, hosted, and accompanied over 40 cabaret shows in many different venues throughout her Seattle career.

Kim has been a private music educator for over 25 years, specializing in technique and acting coaching. Her students have performed roles on Broadway, as well as large and small regional theatres in Seattle. She is honored to have had students in some of the top musical-theatre programs in the country.


Kim has also helped start 3 major theatrical venues in the Seattle area. She has experience with capital campaigns, fund raising, building educational curriculum, theatre school design, group teaching, and working within conservatory settings.



"Kim creates a sense of warmth and a kind of comradery, as we relate to our own shared experiences of living this human life."

                                                        ~ Chris Lynn

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