Maguire Voice, founded in 1995
Breathe to sing, and sing to breathe.
It's an honor to teach.

Gwyneth Casey, singer/songwriter

Maguire Voice Cabaret. Gwyneth studies at Chapman University.

Raya  Tuffaha , CD recording session at Maguire Voice. Raya is a student at Swarthmore College.

I am a teaching artist a well as a vocalist, and find that teaching is one of the richest experiences in my life. My students have performed on Broadway as well as leading roles at The Fifth Ave. Theatre, Village Theatre and other regional theatres around the U.S. I have (or have had) students in the top musical theatre programs in the country, as well as students who go on to other areas of passion. Music is a teacher in itself, and I am  truly honored to teach.


I teach ages 14 and up, classical, jazz, pop, folk/rock and musical theatre. I focus on vocal technique training and song interpretation coaching, with a specialty in audition coaching for the collegiate audition process. I am fully committed to those who are committed to their craft, whether beginner or advanced.


For more information, please email me at:

Andy Burnstein performing at Boxley's

for a Maguire Voice Jazz Night event

Irene Thomas, singer-songwriter, now attending Mount Holyoke College.

with Kira Geiger,

professional actress, NYC

With Noah Barr at The Fifth Ave. Theater. Noah starred in "Elf" as Michael Hobbs.

Kim with Emily Brooks. Emily was nominated for a Gregory award for best actress in a musical. Emily studies Musical Theatre at Northwestern.

"Summer Songs" - Maguire Voice outdoor student concert, 2009.

with McKenzie Amento and Ethan Ludlam. McKenzie is currently with Interscope Records.

With Erich Schleck, graduate of  CCM (University of Cincinnati - Conservatory of Music).

Elizabeth Rice, cover artist

Annalise Adad, singer/songwriter

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